Cross-border metropolitan integration


Sohn C (ed) 2012. Luxembourg: an emerging cross-border metropolitan region. Brussels: Peter Lang.

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Call for papers
"The cross-border metropolis in a globalizing era: emerging discourses"

Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting 2013
Los Angeles
9-13 April 2013

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The Metrolux team at the Centre for Population, Poverty and Public Policy Studies (CEPS/INSTEAD) in Luxembourg studies the mechanisms of regional integration of cross-border metropolitan centres, both in economic and political terms. By means of this focus on a particular spatial object, the research carried out examines (1) the modalities of the economic development of these cross-border regions within the global system, (2) the cooperation and modes of governments implemented by various public and private actors in order to manage spatial development and coordinate their actions and (3) the role and importance of national borders within these processes.

The Metrolux research team is engaged in several projects dealing with cross-border metropolitan integration in Luxembourg and in Europe and funded by the National Research Fund of Luxembourg (FNR), the European Spatial Planning Observation Network (ESPON), and the European Commission.