AAG Annual Meeting 2013


Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting 2013
Los Angeles
9-13 April 2013

Call for papers
Paper session: The cross-border metropolis in a globalizing era: emerging discourses

Christophe Sohn, Centre for Population, Poverty and Public Policy Studies, Luxembourg

Lawrence Herzog, School of Public Affairs, San Diego State University, California

Concept and objectives
In a globalized urban world, cross-border metropolises represent an emblematic yet singular spatial configuration in which the space of flows is yoked to the space of places. During the last decades, empirical studies and theoretical reflections considering the transformations affecting national borders as well as the new links forged between the neighboring cities and regions have multiplied. Increasing attention has been given to the emergence of cross-border city-regions in various part of the world, particularly in North America, Europe and South-East Asia.The different processes of economic and political integration that contribute to the structuring of these new urban arrangements as well as their nature and significance are being investigated. However, the multiplicity of contexts, and the forms and processes at work, makes it difficult at times to identify what defines the singularity of the cross-border metropolis idea. In other words, what precisely constitutes a cross-border metropolis? What theoretical foundations can best explain these singular configurations? Ultimately, given the diversity of contexts and the contingent character of the processes at play, does it make sense to look for a unique and comprehensive definition?

In order to contribute to these reflections, this session welcomes both empirical and conceptual papers that examine the pertinence of the cross-border metropolis concept and confront its different meanings across various geo-economic, political and cultural contexts. We also look forward to receiving proposals that focus particularly on the following themes:

  • The urbanization of border spaces as a product of globalization
  • The role and significance of borders for cross-border metropolises
  • The competitive (dis)advantage of cross-border metropolises
  • Cross-border economic integration and cooperation
  • The cross-border city as a place of cultural hybridization
  • The hidden face of cross-border metropolitan regions: inequalities, poverty, insecurity, violence...

Joining the session
Interested participants should send an abstract of max 250 words to Christophe Sohn ( before the 30 September 2012.

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