EGTC (2010)

Expertizing Governance for Transfrontier Conurbations

The "EGTC" URBACT II project in which CEPS/INSTEAD was Lead Expert ended in 2010. However, there is a will among some territorial partners to put in place a new project facilitating best practices exchanges related to attractiveness policies. The transfer of information could be related to "Competitive identity" strategies, that is to say strategies aiming to position an area internally and externally as a good destination for investments, tourism and settlements as described by Anholt. These policies are mainly planned within nation-states hence the necessity to define innovative methods for urban areas cross-cutting the world of states. CEPS/INSTEAD will support cross-border conurbations to put in place a project on that issue. The network of cross-border areas involved is in the making at the moment.


Chritian Lamour

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