GEOSPECS (2010-2012)

Geographic Specificities and Development Potential in Europe

The Metrolux team is a partner of the Geographic Specificities and Development Potential in Europe project (GEOSPECS) lead by the Department of Geography at the University of Geneva. GEOSPECS is an Applied Research Project within the ESPON 2013 Programme (Priority 1).

The project main objective is to provide a framework to characterise the past trends, state and potential future developments of geographical specificities for territorial policy and regional development in Europe.

The Metrolux team will work on cross-border metropolitan regions formerly identified by the ESPON Metroborder project. These regions represent functional urban areas embedded in various networks of the global economy and crossed by one or more state borders, where the European integration process has transformed peripheries into interfaces. Focusing on intra-firms networks, cross-border economic development will be examined by using a dedicated database providing information on the geographical locations of the world's 4000 largest corporations. This database will provide a precious source of information on the integration of firms in cross-border regions in Europe.


European Spatial Planning Observation Network 2013 Programme (ESPON), part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Dr Christophe Sohn
Dr Olivier Walther

More information is available directly from the GEOSPECS web site

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