InfoTransFront (2011-2013)

The cross-border flow of media information within the Greater Region

The objective of the "InfoTransFront" research programme is to analyse the cross-border media flows within the central part of the Greater Region and to understand how stakeholders and publics interact within the mediatised sphere at that euroregional scale. Territorialisation can be considered as a communication process implying partly the use of media to define and maintain of a collective imagination at a specific spatial scale. Can we consider that the cross-border functional integration related to the job market in this area and the definition of Greater Region governance networks have an impact on the limits of regional media spaces? Is there a progressive rescaling of the production, diffusion and reception of mediatised information at the level of that transfrontier functional area or is there a permanency of economic, political and cultural barriers preventing a debordering/rebordering of the media sphere beyond the world of EU states? Do national borders still serve as structural limits of sameness and otherness in the media space at the regional level? CEPS/INSTEAD will be associated to the following Universities in the programme: Nancy 2, Paris 1, Metz-Paul Verlaine, Strasbourg, Hohenheim-Stuttgart, Saarland and Luxembourg.


Chritian Lamour

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