Collective projects

Project Name Programme Role Period
EUBORDERSCAPES Political Landscapes and Social Arenas: Potentials and Challenges of Evolving Border Concepts in a Post-Cold War World European Commission, 7th Framework Programme (FP7) Contracting partner 2012-2015
METRONET Cross-border Metropolitan Governance in Europe. A Network Analysis Approach FNR CORE (LUX) Lead partner 2010-2012
GEOSPECS Geographic Specificities and Development Potential in Europe ESPON (EU) Contracting partner 2010-2012
POLYCE Metropolisation and Polycentric Development in Central Europe ESPON (EU) Expert 2010-2012
INFOTRANSFRONT The cross-border flow of media information within the Greater Region PFR (FR) Contracting partner 2011-2013
EGTC Expertising Governance for Transfrontier Conurbations URBACT (EU) Expert 2010
METROBORDER Cross-border polycentric metropolitan regions ESPON (EU) Contracting partner 2009-2010
METROLUX Metropolisation and urban governance in Luxembourg and cross-border areas FNR Vivre (LUX) Lead partner 2007-2009

Individual projects (PhD, Post-doc)

Project Name Programme Period
METROCO-OP Relating to the Region: City-Region Governance and Multilevel Policy in Cross-Border Regions FNR Post-doc (LUX) 2010-2011
CROSSPLANNING Comparing Cross-Border Metropolitan Planning FNR Post-doc (LUX) 2010-2011
RESILUX The production of residential space in cross-border metropolitan regions: The case study of Luxembourg FNR PhD (LUX) 2009-2012

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