RESILUX (2009-2012)

The production of residential space in cross-border metropolitan regions: the case study of Luxembourg

This PhD project is supported by the National Research Fund of Luxembourg (FNR)

Over the two past decades, Luxembourg has emerged as a small, yet highly specialized metropolis with an expanding cross-border functional area. This is to a great extent explained by the economic growth mainly in the financial sector. As a consequence the exponentially increasing migration to Luxembourg has caused high pressure on the housing market. By taking into account the production of urban land, this study aims at understanding the logics determining the residential selection processes as well as the socio-spatial structuring of the cross-border metropolitan region. As often mentioned in the literature, the urban processes happening at the scale of big cities tends to go hand in hand with a socio-spatial specialization and a urban pattern organizing the socio-economic urban landscape. What are the specificities of Luxembourg as a small cross-border metropolis and how does it differ from other metropolitan regions? How the real estate market in Luxembourg contends with its unique trans-boundary geography? How the market's operation affects the creation of residential space and socio-economic development of residential neighborhoods. The research contains three main parts. Firstly, the spatial pattern of residential attractiveness will be studied using data on land use and the socio-economic profile of residents. Secondly, we consider the comparative advantages of urban land regulations in the four countries (Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Germany) in order to determine the effect of policies on the residential growth in the cross-border metropolitan region. Finally, we focus on the residential choices of middle class households in the region using qualitative interviews.

Host institution:
Department of Geography
3, avenue de la Fonte, L-4364 Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
Tel: +352. (office)

2nd Collaboration Institution:
Centre de recherche de géographie comparée des Suds et des Nords (GECKO)
Université of Paris X Nanterre La Défense
F-92001 Nanterre, France

PhD Supervisor: Professor Jean Luc PIERMAY
PhD co-supervisor: Dr Christophe SOHN

Metropolisation dynamics, residential space, cross-border regions, Luxembourg.

Lanciné Diop

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