Series of Lectures

Series of lectures: "Changing borders: from separation to interface?"

A series of lectures related to "Changing borders: from separation to interface?" will be held in Luxembourg from January to June 2010. These lectures are organised by the public research centre CEPS/INSTEAD in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg in the frame of their research projects Metrolux and Metroborder dedicated to cross-border metropolitan regions in Europe.

The main objective of this series of lectures is to address the evolution of European borders from a comparative perspective. In the past, border situations were seen mainly as disadvantages of the periphery. Political borders created many problems in terms of competition and development because of administrative obstacles, lack of available surfaces or competing interests in land use. For the last decade, though, an increasing number of researchers have shown that the opening of borders in Europe also constituted an opportunity for regions and cities to exploit border differentials and flourish from the positive effects that they represent.

Against this background, this series of lectures will address the following issues: How can cross-border regions and cities benefit from their border situation? How can territorial, political and cultural differentials be considered as a source of new opportunities? What are the new institutional tools that can help formalise cross-border projects and constitute strong incentives for cities and cross-border regions to cooperate?

The series will give leading scholars the opportunity to present their knowledge and experience related to border issues. The series will act as a platform for discussions related to methodologies, data collection procedures, results of respective surveys and new theoretical perspectives.

The conferences will be held at the Maison de l’Europe located 7 rue du Marché-aux-Herbes in Luxembourg-City.

This series of lectures is supported by the National Research Fund of Luxembourg (FNR).

Programme / Program

Date Speaker Conference's title Institution
28th January 2010 Dr Anne-Laure Amilhat Szary, Dr Marie-Christine Fourny Walls and bridges: What are borders made of? University of Grenoble, France
18th February 2010 Prof. Thomas Lundén Border cities with a truncated hinterland. The role of Szczecin as a central place in the German-Polish borderland Södertörn University, Sweden
25th March 2010 Prof. Joachim Blatter Explaining Transborder Cooperation in Water Governance University of Lucerne, Switzerland
1st April 2010 Prof. Patrick Picouet A Border Approach on Otherness and Remoteness University of Lille 1, France
29th April 2010 Prof. Henk van Houtum The Janus-face of borders. Why we cannot live without nor with borders Radboud University, The Netherlands
20th May 2010 Prof. Frédéric Giraut Border effects and borderlands: lessons from post-apartheid South Africa University of Geneva, Switzerland
3rd June 2010 Prof. Denis Retaillé Changing Borders: The transformations of Forms of Boundaries University of Bordeaux III, France
22th July 2010 Prof. James Scott De-coding Socio-Spatial Relations: 'Bordering' as a Way of Seeing University of Eastern Finland and Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning

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