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The web atlas of cross-border metropolitan regions

This website is based on the work carried out by CEPS/INSTEAD in Luxembourg within the framework of the Metroborder project, which is supported by ESPON (European Observation Network for Territorial Development and Cohesion). The aim of this web atlas is to highlight the process of integration occurring in cross-border metropolitan regions (CBMRs) across Europe. By providing an opportunity to choose different indicators covering 11 case studies, this interactive atlas allows the easy construction of maps which can be adapted to various centres of interest.

  • Web atlas (Please note that the web atlas application only works with Firefox web browser)


Project leader: Christophe Sohn, CEPS/INSTEAD (Luxembourg)

Cartography and design of the web atlas: Antonin Pavard, University of Paris I (France)

Data collection and calculation of the indicators: Antoine Decoville, Frédéric Durand, Anasse El Maslohi, Christophe Sohn, Olivier Walther, CEPS/INSTEAD (Luxembourg), Didier Peters, IGEAT, Free University of Brussels (Belgium), and Antonin Pavard, University of Paris I (France).


Dr Christophe Sohn

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